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Quartz Mountain Quartz Mountain Location
Quartz Mountain, the unique silica mine in Douglas County, Oregon, is for sale. Property includes the mountain top silica quarry located on 4 patented claims (82.592 acres, title to be issued soon) and 5 adjoining unpatented claims (103 acres) in the Umpqua National Forest.

Quartz Mountain QuarryIt is located 35 miles southeast of Roseburg and 60 miles north of Medford, Oregon. Access from I-5 exit 98 (Canyonville) is via the South Umpqua Highway 227, and Forest Service Roads 27 and 28, a distance of 56 miles. Alternate routes take you to Medford, 79 miles and Roseburg, 46 miles.
Railheads are located in Riddle and White City.

The deposit is approximately 3000 feet by 1200 and 700 feet deep; purity is 98+%. A major glass producer initiated exploratory drilling to confirm quantity and quality of reserves to support a flat glass plant to be located in the Roseburg area in 1999. This independent drilling has confirmed reserves in excess of 4.5 million tons and indicated reserves over 10 million tons, more than sufficient for their needs. Estimates of total reserves of the massive deposit have ranged to 103 million tons, though drilling has not been done to confirm this number.

Quartz Mtn QuarryThe deposit is a tough, massive, grayish-white silicified tuff formation. The drilling done in 1999 confirmed the presence of a layer of a soft layer of silica suitable for flour silica production with reserves of 1.2 million tons. The hard silica lies above and below, though the soft silica is exposed on the west side.

This mine has been in production since the late 1950’s, supplying silica to a nickel mine in Riddle for flux in their ferrosilicon and nickel smelting. Between 1972 and 1997, over 400,000 tons of ore with a value of $12 million was shipped. Several other markets have been located since the smelter closed in 1998. Several large silica producers have expressed interest in a west coast supply as well as many silica consumers. Bunker sand production and landscape boulders are currently being explored in addition to traditional silica markets. A large stockpile of 5/8 minus crushed ore remains untapped from previous production as well as a large stockpile of riprap and landscape boulders, all easily accessible. A current mining permit from Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries is in place and the sale includes water rights on Quartz Creek and the South Umpqua River.

There is no overburden on the quarry site and very little vegetation. The mine road is in good condition and will accommodate semi-trucks with trailers.

The deposit is accessible both from the quarry on top and from roads surrounding the base of the mountain. The 4 claims under patent application should receive title in the next 12 months. The IBLA confirmed the favorable decision in a patent contest and ordered title to issue in August of 2008 (IBLA 2005-219).

The owner prefers to be contacted via e-mail: Bruce Crawford—

Silica Stock Pile
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Quartz Mountain Backside
Quartz Mountain Boulders

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